Taiwan Orchids

Orchids: The Beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its beautiful orchids. They are popular gifts for Chinese New Year, congratulatory gifts, birthdays, or just to bring an air of class or elegance to a room.

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Caring for your orchids: Orchids like a lot of light, but cannot tolerate strong direct sunlight. You should let the orchids dry out a bit before watering them. We recommend watering about once a week to ten days. Orchids also like to be kept cool and in an area with good ventilation. However, do not place them directly in front of a fan or air conditioner because this will dry out the blossoms or unopened buds.

We often add additional green plants to the pot with the orchid. These plants may need more water than the orchids. You should try to add a bit of water to those plants every day or every other day. If you forget and the green plants turn into brown plants, they can just be removed so that you can still enjoy the orchids.