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Hi, We understand that your message is important. As a local Taiwan flower shop, we pride ourselves on giving each and every order personal care and attention. If it’s important to you, trust it to us. Vanessa and Dave

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We are a local, family owned flower shop in Taipei, Taiwan. We are NOT a “network of local florists.” We promise you the most personalized flower delivery service available in Taiwan. When you order from us, you deal with us directly.  So send flowers to Taiwan the easy way, with Avignon Florist. 

Following is a brief summary of how the flower arrangements are arranged on our site.

Wrapped flower bouquets
These are cut flowers that are wrapped in paper. They are most commonly used as romantic gifts on a birthday, anniversary, or other event where sending flowers is appropriate. Roses, especially red roses are the most common flowers of this type, but there are some other interesting combinations as well, including sunflowers, lilies, lisianthus, and hydrangea. Our wrapped bouquets all include wrapping that holds water, so placing them in a vase is not necessary. If you are planning to propose at the top of Taipei 101, a rose bouquet is probably what you are looking for.

Table-Top Flowers
What we call table-top flowers is any flower arrangement that comes in a vase, box, or basket and is small enough to be placed on a table. Like bouquets, these flowers are appropriate for for romantic birthdays, and anniversaries. They are also appropriate for get well, Mother’s Day, congratulatory gifts, or just about any other occasion. These are some of the most versatile arrangements, because they can be placed as a decoration rather than carried. These arrangements also use a variety of flowers including red, white, pink and champangne roses, lisianthus, sunflowers, hydrangea, lilies, and even peonies.

Taiwan is famous for its orchids. The most common type given as gifts is what is commonly called Moth Orchids, but are locally known as Butterfly orchids. These are the genus Phalaenopsis. These delicate flowers make ideal gifts for several reasons.
They have exquisite, intricate blossoms, they are easy to care for, and they can last for a month or more. They are a very popular gift in Taiwan for Chinese New Year or Christmas as they last longer in cooler weather. They are also popular congratulatory gifts for a business or individual.

Free-standing flower arrangements
These are large flower arrangements that come with a tall stand, and they are normally given in pairs. They are primarily used to congratulate a business on opening a new location or as congratulatory flowers for a performer or speaker at an event. Although the style would be different, free-standing arrangements are also commonly used for funerals. It is important to note that red blossoms are appropriate for happy occasions and white blossoms are appropriate for sad occasions.

Plants and Trees
This category is pretty self explanatory. We have a variety of plants and trees, including cactus arrangements. Plants and trees make nice gifts for men, who might feel funny receiving cut flowers as a gift. A shrub or tree also makes a perfect office decoration.

Gift Baskets
We also have a variety of gift baskets and fruit baskets, which make good Lunar New Year or Christmas gifts as well as gifts for a new baby.

Send flowers for a specific occasion:

In order to make it as easy as possible you to choose the correct flower arrangement, we also have our flowers arranged under the following special occasions:

Delivery area:

We are located next to Tri-Service Hospital in Neihu. We can deliver flowers to the following districts of Taipei City: Zhongzheng, Datong, Zhongshan, Songshan, Da’an, Wanhua, Xinyi, Shilin, Beitou (Peitou), Neihu, Nangang, and Wenshan districts. We can also deliver to the following districts of New Taipei City: Banqio, Xizhi, Shenkeng, Shiding, Ruifang, Xindian, Yonghe, Zhonghe, Tucheng, Sanxia, Shulin, Yingge, Sanchong, Xinzhuang, Taishan, Linkou, Luzhou, Wugu, Bali, and Danshui Districts.
Please note that Taipei City and New Taipei City are not the same. New Taipei City covers a very large area and completely surrounds Taipei City. Since we are located in Taipei City, we offer free delivery to most of Taipei City, but delivery to New Taipei City and other areas does require a delivery fee.
We can also arrange delivery to select other cities including Hsinchu, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, Taoyuan, Hualien, and Zhanghua. For delivery to these locations, please contact us and give us the address before placing your order.