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Postal Codes for Districts in Avignon Florist Delivery Area

In order to determine the correct delivery fee to send flowers to Taiwan addresses, our system requires a numerical postal code (first three digits only). Please see the chart below to determine the correct postal code for your district. Please note that there a multitude of ways of writing Chinese Characters in English letters. You may not see the exact same spelling of your district. For example, Zhongshan district is sometimes spelled “Jhongshan,” “Chongshan,” or “Jungshan” If you can’t figure out the correct postal code from this chart, don’t worry. We have a solution for that too. Just scroll down below the table to see that and other notes.

(Please note that in addition to the postal code, the street address, city, and state fields must also be filled on the checkout page. If you are getting an error message, be sure all four boxes have something in them, even if only an X.)

Taipei City
Code District Chinese fee (NT$*)
100 Zhongzheng 中正區  free
103 Datong 大同區  free
104 Zhongshan 中山區  free
105 Songshan 松山區  free
106 Da’an 大安區  free
108 Wanhua 萬華區  free
110 Xinyi 信義區  free
111 Shilin(see note below) 士林區  free
112 Beitou(see note below) 北投區  300
114 Neihu 內湖區  free
115 Nangang 南港區  free
116 Wenshan(see note below) 文山區  300

Keelung City
Code District Chinese fee (NT$*)
200 Ren’ai 仁愛區  1000
201 Xinyi (keelung) 信義區  1000
202 zhongzheng 中正區  1000
203 Zhongshan 中山區  1000
204 Anle 安樂區  1000
205 Nuannuan 暖暖區  1000
206 Qidu 七堵區  1000

*To get an approximate cost in US dollars, divide by 32.

New Taipei City
Code District Chinese fee (NT$*)
220 Banqiao 板橋區 500
221 Xizhi 汐止區 500
222 Shenkeng 深坑區 800
223 Shiding 石碇區 1000
224 Ruifang 瑞芳區 1000
231 Xiandian 新店區 800
234 Yonghe 永和區 500
235 Zhonghe 中和區 500
236 Tucheng 土城區 800
237 Sanxia 三峽區 1000
238 Shulin 樹林區 1000
239 Yingge 鶯歌區 1000
241 Sanchong 三重區 500
242 Xinzhuang 新莊區 500
243 Taishan 泰山區 800
244 Linkou 林口區 1000
247 Luzhou 蘆洲區 500
248 Wugu 五股區 500
249 Bali 八里區 1000
251 Danshui/Tamsui 淡水區 1000

Taoyuan City
Code District Chinese fee (NT$*)
330 Taoyuan 桃園區 1000
 333  Guishan  龜山區 1000


Not sure if you have the correct district?:If you aren’t sure whether you have a different district or just a spelling variation, just enter “000” in the postal code box. You will not be charged any delivery fee a the time of ordering. If we find that a delivery fee is required when we review the order, we will contact you to make a supplemental payment.

If you know the district name for New Taipei City or Taoyuan, but you don’t see it listed in the chart above, we probably don’t deliver there. We deliver to all of the greater Taipei metropolitan area, but some districts of New Taipei City are very remote. However, we may make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please send us the exact address via our contact page and we will tell if we can deliver there and how much it will cost.

Note for Beitou, Shilin, and Wenshan districts: The fee cited for Beitou, Shilin, and Wenshan districts is the fee for delivery to the downtown areas. These districts are large and include some mountainous areas. Delivery to addresses in mountainous areas (notably the Yangde Boulevard area, which includes Chinese Cultural University and Taipei European School’s secondary campus, and parts of the Zhongshan North Road section 7 area) will require an additional delivery fee. For delivery to these locations and the surrounding area, you can enter the postal code “005” in the box. If you have any questions, please send us the address in advance and we can advise you on the delivery fee.

Note for all districts: The delivery fee stated for districts is for the areas we most commonly deliver to. Some of these districts cover very large areas. We reserve the right to refuse delivery or charge an additional delivery fee to very remote areas.

Want to send flowers outside of the Greater Taipei area?: If you wish to send flowers to other cities in Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, Yilan, or Hualien, we may be able to arrange that for you on a case by case basis. Please send us the approximate address and we will let you know if this is possible. Out of town orders usually take a bit more time to arrange, so as much notice as possible is greatly appreciated.