Welcome to Avignon Florist, a real Taipei florist

About Our Flower Shop

The best way to describe who we are is by beginning with what we are not.  We are not an online service that collects orders and sends them to flower stores all over the world.  We are a family owned flower store located

Vanessa in the new flower store in 2006

Vanessa in the new flower store in 2006

right here in Neihu district, Taipei City, Taiwan.  We handle each order individually and with great care.

We have been serving the Taipei area since 2006, but we are new to the online store experience.  What we promise is that you will be dealing with us directly for each and every order.  We understand that when you send a gift of flowers to someone, what really matters is that they understand how much you really care about them.  Therefore, we take the utmost care to ensure that your order is fresh, beautiful, and delivered on time by professional caring staff.We can provide the following services to customers within Taipei or for international customers wishing to arrange for the following:

You can return to Avignon Florist Home Page.  If you would prefer to communicate with us personally, we welcome you to send us a message or give us a phone call. If you want to speak to Vanessa in Chinese, you can reach her at +886 (02)8792-6740.  (Leave out the “0” in the “02” if calling from outside Taiwan.) If you would prefer to speak to Dave in English, you can reach him on his cell phone at +886 (09)1683-3831. (Again, leave out the “0” in “09” if calling from outside Taiwan. Thank you for visiting our shop.  By the way, Taipei is GMT+8. It is 12 hours ahead of New York and 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles. We answer our own phone 24-7 but forgive us if we are a little sleepy at odd hours. We hope that we can make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.


A few more pictures of our store.

Avignon Florist | Taipei Taiwan

The view of our flower shop from the street.

Christmas flowers at Avignon Florist, Taipei

A little bit of Christmas at Avignon Florist

Taipei flower shop

If you can’t enjoy your work, what’s the point?

Florist Taipei

Some of our students in our flower arranging classes.