Custom product


Don’t see what you are looking for on our site?  You can use this order form to make a custom order or to pay miscellaneous fees.

Before placing a custom order, please email us to discuss suitable arrangements and prices. Only pre-approved orders will be accepted using this process.

Unfortunately, our system doesn’t allow you to enter a custom amount. However we have a workaround to allow a custom order to be placed. To place a custom order, please do the following:

Divide the total cost of the order by the price listed above (either 100 NT or  5 US dollars). For example if you have arranged with us to send an arrangement for 2500 NT, then the calculation would be  2500 NT ÷ 100 NT = 25.

Enter that number as the quantity. In this example, you would enter a quantity of 25 for a total order value of 2500 NT.

Do not include any delivery fee in the order total, unless you have been specifically directed to by Dave or Vanessa. Any delivery fee will be added on the checkout page.

Please don’t forget to confirm custom orders with us before placing this order.

Thank you for  your order.

Dave and Vanessa