In Taiwan, and in Chinese culture in general, peonies mean honor and prosperity. This is not an arrangement you would give to just anyone, but if you are trying to show deep respect for someone, giving an arrangement such as this one is just the thing. It would be a suitable gift for a very important business associate, an older and respected member of the family, or in-laws on a special occasion. The flowers in this arrangement are imported peonies, hydrangea, and orchids.

Note: NO SAME DAY DELIVERY of this product. Peonies are imported and due to the import schedule, may not be available on all dates. It is best to inquire before ordering (please include the specific date when inquiring). They also have a shorter life-span than many cut flowers and do not do well in  hot weather, so they are often unavailable in the hotter months. In the event that an expected delivery of peonies does not arrive and the flowers are unavailable, we will substitute a custom order of equal value.