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Send Flowers to New Taipei City

Avignon Florist is happy to announce that we are now offering flower delivery to an expanded portion of New Taipei City. We now offer flower delivery to most districts of New Taipei City as well as Keelung City.

When we first brought our flower store online, we wanted to be sure we could offer the best service available, so we tried limiting the area to Taipei City. However, we have received numerous requests for delivery to New Taipei City. We tried to accommodate people by posting a delivery fee schedule for a very limited part of Taipei City and asking people to email us for a quote for delivery to the rest of New Taipei City. However, this system caused a lot of confusion as many people aren’t familiar with the geography of New Taipei City.

For those of you who haven’t spent much time in Taiwan recently, New Taipei City is the new designation given to the area that used to be known as Taipei County. As such, it completely surrounds Taipei City like a 2000 square kilometer doughnut. Our challenge was coming up with a delivery fee schedule that was easy to communicate online, fair for the customer, and ensured that we were not getting orders that we couldn’t fill because they were too far away.

After much thought and an examination of the orders we have been receiving over the past year, we have developed the following delivery fee plan:

  • These districts in New Taipei City- Xizhi, Zhonghe, Yonghe, Xinzhuang, Sanchong, Banqiao, Wugu, Luzhou, Taishan: 500 NT/ $17 USD
  • These districts in New Taipei City- Xindian, Xinzhuang, Tucheng, Taishan, Shenkeng: 800 NT/ $27 USD
  • These districts in New Taipei City- Danshui, Shiding, Shulin, Jinshan, Sanxia, LInkou, Yingge, Wanli, Ruifang, Bali: 1000 NT/ $34 USD
  • Keelung City: 1000 NT/ $34 USD

For the districts of Wulai, Pingxi, Shuangxi, Pinglin, Gonliao, Shimen, and  we continue to ask that people contact us with the exact address and we will let you know if we can deliver for you and give you a quote. Please note that delivery to these areas will be limited on very busy days such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

We hope that this system helps us to avoid some of the confusion and allow us to serve you better. We look forward to being able to serve  you.