Tips For an On-Time Flower Delivery

Special notice about Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year deliveries.

With Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year falling within a week of each other this year, we will be extremely busy for these few days. You can significantly increase the chances of a successful, on-time delivery by providing a few pieces of information.

First of all, please use the order notes section to let us know whether you are delivering to a home or work address. This is often important for scheduling delivery times. If you are delivering to a home address, it is extremely helpful to us to know as much information about the address as possible. Especially helpful is to know whether there is someone else likely to be there to receive the flowers if the recipient is not home when we arrive. This could be a security guard or concierge, a family member, or a housekeeper. Of course, knowing when the recipient is likely to be home could also be helpful. However, while we do our best to accommodate special delivery requests, we cannot promise specific delivery times during Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year periods.

Valentines Day:

Please note that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year. If you are having flowers delivered to the workplace, please be sure to confirm the work schedule with the recipient. For many people delivering to the workplace will mean delivering on Friday February 13. (It is our experience that most women LOVE getting flowers at the workplace.)

Chinese New Year:

Deliveries intended for Chinese New Year will be made in the days leading up to Chinese New Year regardless of the date requested. In other words, your order may be delivered a day or two before or after the requested date. If it is important that the order be delivered ON the date specified, please note that in the order notes section and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

We appreciate you cooperation and hope that this allows us to serve you better.

Dave and Vanessa